Medical Insurance Issues

With the commentary below, for the first time, we address medical insurance issues on the HGF Website. The information on this page is for the purpose of assisting HGF members, HGF Pediatric and Adult Discussion Forum members, and the public at large in identifying and understanding medical insurance issues relevant to medical necessity for, coverage of, and promoting effective advocacy for, the use of growth hormone prescribed by board certified pediatric and adult endocrinologists for the treatment of medical conditions.

The information on this page is discussed more fully, and is applied to specific facts and cases on the HGF Pediatric and Adult Discussion Forums. You may have questions regarding medical terms and concepts that are mentioned here. For answers to those questions, and much more information and personal experiences from our dedicated and experienced forum members on a daily basis, join the appropriate HGF Discussion Forum by clicking the “JOIN US” button on the horizontal navigation bar at the top of this page, and following the instructions.

We started with claims and appeals, which involve issues of immediate concern to a significant number of HGF and its Forum Discussion members. We now “backfill” such topics as how to evaluate an insurance policy and help to ensure that it will cover rhGH both as therapy for GHD and as for adjuvant therapy for other conditions, such as adrenal hyperplasia and central precocious puberty.