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Formerly, the HGF FOURTH FRIDAY, the HGF GROWTH MESSENGER is usually published quarterly. It is perk of HGF membership; and,distributed to HGF members by U.S. mail. All issues of these publications, except for the current issue, are now available to the HGF Website readership. The publication contains a message from the president of HGF concerning current HGF matters; an “Ask the Doctor” question and answer feature authored by a pediatric endocrinologist; medical and other subjects relating to issues raised and discussed on the HGF Discussion Forums HGF-PEDS and HGF-ADULT), written by the Webmaster; “Teenscape,” a question and answer feature concerning questions by or for young children, authored by a young woman who has been through it all as a child with multiple hormone deficiency, including growth hormone deficiency; and various annoucements concerning PROGRAMS and activities. Most issues published since Spring 2000 forward, with the exception of current issues, are now available under HGF PERIODICAL ARCHIVES below.


Growth Messenger (Summer-Fall 2009)

Early experiments with mice hold hope for the cure of Achondroplasia,  a common dysplasia that occurs in approximately one out of every 10,000 births.

Dr. Fima Lifshitz, an international authority in childhood nutrition, received the HGF Annual Award for his life-time important contributions to the role of nutrition in human growth. He is the ditor of a widely read textbook of Pediatric  Endocrinology and the Editor in Chief of an important medical journal: Growth, Genetics, and Hormones.

Katarzzyna Gawron, PhD received HGF’s “Small Grant Award”.

Whether Growth Hormone Therapy can Cause Diabetes.

The Growth Plate: Part I–Anatomy, Morphology, Physiology, and the Death the Condrocyte and the “Birth” of Bone Growth.

Growth Messenger (Winter 2008)

Why We Grow: The Significance of Growth`


Transitioning the Growth Hormone Deficient (GHD) Child From Adolescence to Adulthood  

Fourth Friday (Summer-Fall 2006)

Difference between Treatment for Idiopathic Short Stature (ISS) and Insulin-Like Growth Factor-Deficiency

Use of Drugs to Enhance Linear Growth Near or During Puberty

Fourth Friday (Winter 2005)

Head Trauma as a Cause of Growth Hormone Deficiency

Nuances of The Idiopathic Short Stature (ISS) and Growth Hormone Deficiency Diagnosis

Fourth Friday (Summer-Fall 2004)

Is My Short, Slow Growing Child Deficient in Growth Hormone

A Pediatric Discussion Forum Member’s Story on Difficulties in Paying for Growth Hormone Therapy

Fourth Friday (Winter 2003)

Grants and Video Project on Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency

Small-for-Gestational Age (SGA)

Fourth Friday (Spring 2003)

Can Emotions Affet the Way a Child Grows

Hypogonadism, Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD), and Constitutional Growth and Maturation Retardation

Fourth Friday (Winter 2002)

Cystic Fibrosis and Growth Hormone Deficiency

Small-for-Gestational Age (SGA) and Growth Horomone Deficency (GHD)

Fourth Friday (Fall 2002)

Brain Tumor Ablation and the Possible Recurrence of Tumor

Continuing to Growth Without Delaying Puberty

Fourth Friday (Spring 2002)

Ghrelin and Growth Hormone Release

Pursuit of Medical Insurance Coverage for Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency (AGHD)

Fourth Friday (Fall 2001)

Summary of Indicasztions for Recombinant Human Growth Hormone (rhGH)

Child-Onset Transitioning to Adult Growth HormoneTherapy & Taking rhGH Therapy for Adult-Onset Growth Hormone Deficiency

Fourth Friday (Spring 2001)

HGF Research Efforts

Stunting and Wasting in the Context of Vitamin D and Other Substances

Getting to Know the Scope of the Subjects Discussed on the Adult Discussion Forum hosted on the HGF-ADULTS List

Fourth Friday (Fall 2000)

Intrauterine Growth Retardation (IUGR) and its Comborbidites in Fetal and Future Growth

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