Gift Giving Program to HGF


Children are the cornerstone of our future. Adults share their wisdom of thepast, the present and the future. And every person – child or adult – throughtheir words and deeds can inspire all of us to “reach new heights.”

We invite you to help the HUMAN GROWTH FOUNDATION reach new heights and fulfill our mission through our gifting program. Our mission is to:

Help children and adults with disorders related to growth or growth hormone through education, research, support and advocacy.

Your tax-deductible charitable gift can make a life-changing difference for a child or an adult with a growth or growth hormone disorder.

Your gift may enable us to educate the public on the guidelines of normal growth and growth rates through our Project Awareness.

Your donation may further enhance our website, which contains vital information for growth evaluation and provides necessary medical direction , so that our children can grow to their full physical potential and adults can maintain their health.

Your gift may help us sponsor crucial fellowships for Pediatric Endocrinologists and Research to keep abreast of the latest medical enhancements for human growth disorders.

You can help us to continue to strengthen our Parent-to-Parent support groups located throughout the United States, which enable parents and children to connect to with one another and share all levels of experiences while participating in the HUMAN GROWTH FOUNDATION Gift Giving Program.

Listed below are several illustrations, which will enable you to gift to the HUMAN GROWTH FOUNDATION.

Matching Gifts

Please check with your employer to inquire whether it has a matching gift program. We are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501c3 non-profit organization.


Your donation of cash will allow you an immediate tax deduction in the year your cash gift is made. Please use the Donation Form, which contains the instructions for making a cash donation.


We welcome gifts of appreciated stock and can provide instructions for your broker to transfer stock into our brokerage account. Your current year tax deduction is based on the average price of the stock on the date of your gift. By gifting appreciated stock you may avoid taxation on any capital gains you might otherwise have incurred if you sold the shares outright.

Last Will and Testament

By naming the HUMAN GROWTH FOUNDATION in your will, you provide for the continued support of our organization and assure an improved quality of life for children and adults beyond your lifetime. The fair market value of your gift entitles your estate to a full charitable deduction for estate tax purposes. Your attorney and tax advisor can assist in the specific language to include in your will.

Life Insurance

You can provide for the HUMAN GROWTH FOUNDATION to be named as owner and/or beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy.

IRA or Retirement Plans

Since both estate and income tax liability may both apply in a retirement plan or IRA you may avoid such taxation by naming the HUMAN GROWTH FOUNDATION as a beneficiary for all or a percentage of the value.

Payable Upon Death Bank or Brokerage Account (POD)

You may avoid probate costs by reregistering either your bank or brokerage account(s) to name the HUMAN GROWTH FOUNDATION for payment on death.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Due to the complex nature of charitable remainder trusts, we suggest that you discuss with your financial advisor if this vehicle would be an appropriate gifting strategy. Your financial advisor and/or attorney can assist you with all the specifics necessary to establish a charitable remainder trust and review the immediate and long term tax benefits to you.

Your financial advisor or attorney can assist you with all the specifics necessary to establish a charitable remainder trust and review the immediate and long term tax benefits to you.

Please contact Patricia D. Costa, HGF Executive Director, at 516-671-4041 (toll-free U.S.A. 800-451-6434) for delivery instructions of stock being gifted so that we may monitor the receipt of stock into our brokerage account. In addition, this well enable us to issue you the proper tax deduction documentation.

If you select to complete your gift to the HUMAN GROWTH FOUNDATION via an IRA, Last Will and Testament, POD account, life insurance and/or a charitable trust, please notify us after you have coordinated all of the particulars with your financial advisor and/or attorney. This will enable the HUMAN GROWTH FOUNDATION to recognize properly your planning efforts and generosity.