Adult Discussion Forum

What is the HGF-ADULTS Discusion Forum?
This Discussion Forum is a Listserv(tm) e-mail “distribution list” owned and operated by L-Soft International, which provides near real-time communications between its members. The messages of each member of the Forum are distributed by e-mail to all other members, any of whom can respond and cross-respond to all others. HGF provides this activity for adult members of HGF and trial Forum members who have disorders of growth or growth hormone; and/or an interest in disorders of growth or growth hormone in adults.

What Is the Purpose of the HGF-ADULTS Discussion Forum?
Forum members give and receive support; discuss issues; exchange ideas, information, news, and comments; and discuss their concerns, fears, and methods of coping with disorders of growth and/or growth hormone, including various replacement therapies. This Forum is NOT to be used to discuss any drug therapy outside the indications set by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or off-label use of drug therapy that does not conform to generally accepted medical practice.

What kind of information can I expect to find here?
Expect to find lots of “real world” accounts about adult growth hormone deficiency. Forum members sometimes report about research, but posting hard scientific information is not the only purpose of the Forum. We exchange a lot of information about every aspect of growth hormone deficiency in adults. If you have a question, please post it. No question is “right or wrong”. You will probably receive answers from several people. Please remember, however, that you still need to discuss your Deficiency with your health care professional. All correspondence on the Forum is the opinion of the Forum members and NOT that of Human Growth Foundation.

How do I join the ADULT Discussion Forum?
1. Use this hyperlink (in green) to create a new e-mail message to send to the Adult Discussion Forum.

2. Leave the subject line blank.

3. In the text area of the message, type the following command: SUB HGF-ADULTS [your name], without punctuation marks as in: SUB HGF-ADULTS Joe Smith.

4. Send the message. If you have problems, contact the Discussion Forum Administrator

5. The Forum Administrator will (1) contact you and ask you a few questions; (2) send you information on how the List works, and introductory information concerning disorders of growth or growth hormone; and (3) subscribe you to the Forum.

Is there anything else I need to know?
Please read and save the introductory Forum administrative messages and the messages on disorders of growth or growth hormone that you receive when you first join the Forum before posting messages to the Forum.