About HGF

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FOUNDATON OBJECTIVES                                                                                                       

  • Support of Research
  • Family Education and Service
  • Public Outreach and Education
  • Support of Parents of Children, and Adults
  • Support of Training for Growth Specialist
  • Education of the Medical Profession

The focus and emphasis of the Foundation objectives vary with the opportunities to provide support, services, and education to children with disorders of growth and adults with growth hormone deficiency, and to the medical profession; and, with the availability of funding and communications media to support the programs and activities, and general office operations necessary to provide them. In the past few years, internet and e-mail services have expanded greatly the opportunity to undertake on these objectives.

Currently, the Foundation is pursing these objectives through a mix of information and support to the public, parents with children who have disorders of growth, and adults with growth hormone deficiency, and any related endocrine or metabolic disorders or diseases. Patient advocacy information, training, and assistance is also an evolving area of Foundation activity, given increasingly difficulty in obtaining medical insurance coverage for Idiopathic Short Stature with underlying etiologies. These activities take place principally through the HGF Internet support Lists (HGF-PEDS and HGF-ADULTS).

The information from those support lists is migrating to the HGF Website, where it fosters public outreach and provides information for persons interested in disorders of growth, growth, hormone, and any related endocrine or metabolic disorders or diseases, worldwide.

Support of research is provided through the Foundation’s Small Grant Program which is funded by an endowment. Support for the support, education, and training for growth specialist and the medical profession as funding is available from the John Hickey Fund and other funding sources.